Auto Insurance Coverages

Auto Insurance Coverage and Deductibles


The following coverage descriptions are simply general information. They are not statements of contract. To learn more about auto insurance contact your agent at Keystar Insurance.

Types of auto insurance coverage

  • Liability Coverages – Mandatory by law
  • Convenience Coverages – Optional ; Varies from company to company.

Liability Coverages

Designed to protect the other driver if the insured is responsible for causing an accident. It pays medical bills due to bodily injury or for damage to their vehicle or other property. Liability coverage falls into two main categories:

  • Bodily Injury Liability – covers medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.
  • Property Damage Liability — covers damaged property, and may include loss of use.

Rehabilitation, lost earnings, funeral expenses, legal defense and court costs are also covered exposures. State laws dictate the minimum amounts of insurance required, but higher amounts are available.

Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorists Coverage

Exotics need higher insurance coverage than a typical vehicle.
We now service exotics, such as Bugatti and Lamborghini.

Covers bodily injury to you and any other person occupying your covered automobile, after an accident caused by a driver who does not have Liability Insurance. This coverage also pays for damages when a covered person is injured in an auto accident caused by another driver who has insufficient Liability Insurance. The insured selects the monetary limits up to the same limits carried for bodily injury.

Medical Payments

Covers medical expenses for bodily injury arising from an auto accident, regardless of fault, for you and your passengers. Reasonable and necessary medical rehabilitation and funeral expenses may also be covered if they are related to an auto accident. Amount of coverage is selected by the insured. Coverage is generally low ($1,000 – $5,000).

Convenience Coverage

Optional Coverages which can be added to automobile insurance policies for the purpose of making them convenient for the insured. Some are standard and others are exclusive to certain companies. Thus, they can vary from carrier to carrier.


This coverage pays for damage to a covered vehicle caused by a Collision (Crash) with another vehicle or object. A deductible is required.

Comprehensive Insurance

This auto insurance coverage helps pay for loss or damage to an insured’s vehicle, not caused by a collision or vehicle rollover. Examples of this type of damage or loss include but are not limited to fire, wind, hail, flood, vandalism, theft, or hitting an animal. A deductible may apply.

What is an auto insurance deductible?

When your kids start shopping for cars, you should start shopping for insurance.
When your kids start shopping for cars, you should start shopping for insurance.

The deductible is the part of a covered loss that you have agreed to pay with your own money.

When you file a claim with your insurance carrier, you pay the deductible upfront. Then the company will pay the balance of the amount to fix the damage (up to your coverage limit) or the blue book value of the vehicle- whichever is least. The Company Claims Adjuster will determine the amount payable to you after viewing the damaged vehicle.

When choosing a deductible, you should decide how much you are willing and able to pay out-of-pocket, if you ever had to file a claim.

Typically, higher deductibles mean lower auto policy premiums.

Rental Reimbursement

Pays for a rental car when your auto is disabled due to an auto accident. Daily allowances or limits, which are chosen by the insured, vary by policy provisions. Some carriers require that the insured retain the vehicle.

Emergency Road Service

This coverage pays for having your auto towed due to a breakdown. But there is a catch!

This information is only a general description of the available coverages and is not a statement of contract. All auto insurance coverages are subject to policy provisions and applicable endorsements. Did you know that using Emergency Road Service protection from your insurance company is listed as a claim against your policy? Keystar Insurance does not recommend using this coverage as it can raise your rates, so we suggest going with our TowBusters Roadside Assistance Service. Your insurance rates remain low and the TowBusters coverage is very affordable!!

Who does my auto insurance policy cover?

Auto insurance policies typically cover:

  • You and your spouse (if they are added to the policy).
  • Relatives who live in your home (if they are added to the policy).
  • Other licensed drivers who have permission to drive your insured vehicle.