Order Fulfillment Policies

Order Fulfillment Policies


The Keystar Insurance, LLC. order fulfillment policy determines how your order is processed, fulfilled and delivered to our customers. It also outlines the process and procedure for order cancellation and product returns.

Order Fulfillment

Keystar Insurance, LLC. will process membership documents within three business days. However, service is active when payment clears.

Orders that are virtual downloads are available immediately.

Order Cancellation

Customers may cancel orders and memberships by contacting us at sales@keystarinsurance.com.

Refund Policy

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Membership Service accounts can be cancelled for a full refund minus the cost of services received, if any, no questions asked.

Refunds after 30 days:

Refunds are prorated by the accounting department after 30 days. The client will receive a refund equal to the balance of cost of of membership minus the following changes:

  1. The sum for the amount of time that service was active
  2. Plus the charges for any service received, if any.