Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Keystar Insurance, LLC. takes our users and clients privacy seriously. This document explains what we do with your data, who we share your data with and how we protect your data and keep it secure.

How We Use Your Data

Keystar Insurance, LLC. uses your data which includes purchasing and browsing history to determine which sections of our website are of most interest to you. This allows us to provide content and updates that support and address your concerns. This is done by using tracking cookies from your web browser. We also use this information to determine the effectiveness of our marketing programs.

Who We Share Your Data With

Keystar Insurance, LLC. does not sell customer data. However, it is shared with third parties in connection with the processing of sales or the delivery of services the client ordered.

This information may be used by the records department to deliver membership documents or to email downloadable orders.

How we keep your data secure

Keystar Insurance, LLC. keeps your data secure by using our internal user login system, which requires users to submit their e-mail address for validation. Any personal information, such as username, passwords, post or purchase history will be deleted from our site upon request. Please send info request to privacy@keystarinsurance.com with your username, email and password to have your personal data removed.

Rev. 1.1 – November 1, 2019